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sausage egg breakfast skillet
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Sausage, Tomato, & Mixed Greens Breakfast Skillet

This Sausage, Tomato, & Mixed Greens Breakfast Skillet may be a breakfast recipe, but I am not above having it for lunch or dinner. Honestly, my ideal three-meals-a-day are breakfast, brunch, and breakfast for dinner. But I’m pretty sure a well-rounded diet doesn’t necessarily include eggs and bacon for every meal, so I’ll postpone that idea for now. All that […]

Margherita Pizza Eggs
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Baked Margherita Pizza Eggs

Yes, yes you can have pizza for breakfast. And feel really good about it too! Baked Margherita Pizza Eggs are one of my favorite foods to prep at the start of a new workweek because they are super easy, really convenient to heat up for breakfasts in the morning (or eat straight out of the […]